ClassofBoone'60/Deceased List
Last update: August 2009

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Active or Lost Classmates: A-B or C-E or F-H or I-L or M-Q or R-S or T-Z


It is with great sadness that we have to include this list,
but it is with pride that we remember our deceased classmates.

If you have information about anyone not listed here that should be,
please contact our Membership List Committee Chariman: Lynn Altman

This information is current as of October 11, 2020   

Anderson, Nettie (Braddy)
Andrus, Bill
Arens, Gail
Barber, Gene
Beck, Janet (Lyons)
Beers, David
Bell, Louis
Blanar, Debbie
Boone, Bobby
Bowen, Butch
Brock, Wendy
Bryan, Moffett
Bryska, Larry (Lair Glaudell)
Burton, Kara (Hewitt)
Calhoun, Charlton
Calhoun, Jim
Cameron,Ann (Haga)
Cameron, EB
Candler, William
Cannon, Dick
Carver, Roger
Caulk, Bill
Cole, Cathie
Collins, Carolyn
Crandall, Jimmy
Crews, Jimmy
Cullers, Lowell
Crooker, Robert
Drysdale, Melvin 2016
Duncan, Carolyn
Feller, DR. James Franklin
Philip Michael
Flowers, Diane. (Moore)
Gambrell, Brenda
Haney, Greg
Hill, Elsie
Hilton, Cynthia
Hobbie, Duke
Horne, Audre (Nelson)
Houchins, Bill
Humphlett, Ken
Irwin, William
Johnson, Donald
Kagey, Annette (Bonin)
Kellog, Elizabeth (Moore)
Keys, Phil
Kiefer, Jane (Warman)
Kinney, Barbara. (Jennings)
Koblasz, John
Lewis, Paul
Lippmann, Alice
Luke, Leroy
Lord, Joe
Lucas, Jim
Luke Leroy
May, Diane
McElroy, Jill. (York)
McMichen, Eddie
Murray, Patricia
Neidig, Pete
Nebergall, Bruce
Nystrom, Hanna. (Atkins)
Odom, John
Parnell, Beverly (Stark)
Pedrick, Judy
Pope, David
Priep, Robert
Prince, John
RoseAnn, his wife
adopted classmate
RoseAnn -adopted classmate
Seeberger, Sharon (Storey)
Smith, Jim
Stephens, John P
Stewart, Gerald J
Strycker, Marjorie (Carroll)
Swain, Garry
Swann, Larry
Sweeney, Patty. (Starcher)
Swingle, Jim
Turner, Linda. (Alford)
Turner, Patricia
Wallace, Donna (Stein)
Ware, Woody
Weinsier, Roland
Wendorff, Frank
Willsey, Sherri (Carlton)
Wishon, Willie
Yates, Sammy

Active or Lost Classmates: A-B or C-E or F-H or I-L or M-Q or R-S or T-Z