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A Few Facts to Remember and Ponder!
President Dwight Eisenhower
Vice President Richard Nixon
Elected by 113,057 votes John F Kennedy
Population 177,830,000
Unemployment 3,852,000
National Debt $286,300,000,000
Average annual income $4,743 - $5,199.00
Soviet missiles: Shoot U-2 spy plane with CIA pilot Francis Gary Powers
Fidel Castro Nationalizes all American property
Israel: Captures Adoft Eichmann
Hispanic Immigration: 576 entered the US
Total people born outside US: 179,325
Teacher's Salary $5.174
Minimum Wage $1.00/hr
Life Expectancy Males 66.6 years
Life Expectancy Females 73.1 years
Auto deaths 21.3 per 100,000
Entering college 850,000 freshmen
Average cost of new house $12,675.00
Average monthly rents $98.00
Movie Tickets $1.00
Gasoline 25¢ / gallon
US Postage Stamp 4¢ / each
Milk cost $1.04 per gallon
Bacon 65¢ per pound
Eggs 30¢ per dozen
Hamburger meat 58¢ per pound
Load of bread 20¢ each
Aluminum cans First used
Xerox First commercial document reproduction machine
Book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (Pulitzer Prize)
FADS: Barbie Doll, GI Joe, the troll, slot cars,, bouffant hair, crew cuts, plaid-button down shirts, knee-length dresses , pill-box hats
Music Facts:

Elvis returned from the Army

  Chubby Checkers sang The Twist
  Motown Records brought blues music
  Modular synthesizer (mood music) was developed
  Computers were used in music composition
Movies: (a few of the top) The Apartment (Academy Award Winner)
  The Little Shop of Horrors
  The Magnificent Seven
  The Time Machine
Television Favorites: The Andy Griffith Show (CBS)
  The Real McCoys (ABC)
  Rawhide (CBS)
Items of Interest by month:  


Willie Mays signed with Giants for $85,000
February Jack Paar walked off his live TV show
March Elvis Presley ends 2 years in US Army
April First weather satellite is lunched
May Milwaukee baseball game postponed due to dense fog
June Roy Orbison sang "Only the Lonely"
July Dr. Barbara Moore walked 3,207 miles (LA to NYC)
August First photo is bounced from satellite to Cedar Rapids, IO
September First animation prime-time TV show "The Flintstones"
October John F Kennedy starts The Peace Corps
November The 10,000,000th copywrite registration is written
December The Washington Senators join Am. Baseball League