ClassofBoone'60/50thReunion Committee
Last update: 9/29/20

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Boone Class of '60 50th Reunion Committe

WELL, the 50th reunion is over.
The 170+ who attended had a wonderful time visiting,
laughing, eating and renewing old friendships.
All the hard work showed in the smoothness of each activity, from registraion, the hospitality room, (stocked with food, morning and night,) the cocktail party, the cookout at Boone and of course, the dinner Saturday night, complete with a surprise skit featuring black leather coats and poodle skirts. A Metal of Honor was given to classmates who had served in the military. Each briefly told what they had done and where they had served. It was very moving and wonderful to hear so much dedication.


Scroll down this page to see a FEW of the photos from Friday and Saturday night


A word from the webmaster:
Most of this dedicated group of classmates met for 5 years to plan, organize and make all the decisions for this very special 50th reunion. While some moved away, others joined the group. It was fun, time consuming and a lot of hard work. But we all felt it was worth it. In fact, most of us looked forward to each meeting, to see the friends with whom we have worked so closely for so long.

The committee spent untold hours looking for classmates, finding the best location for the most people, prices, deciding on food and details to make this 50th reunion wonderful. Jobs crossed paths, doubled and trippled over the years, but the faithful workers kept going with an amazing sense of purpose. Without the hard work of so many people, nothing would have happened to celebrate this special occasion. We hope we carried out the wishes of those who expressed concerned or interest. If not, we certainly tried, so please forgive us! The committee looked forward with great anticipation, and yet most regret that our job is finished.

As the webmaster, it has been a labor of love to keep up (as best as possible) with the changes, additions and retractions. This job, too is almost complete, so we will change direction from the 50th reunion, to just keeping in touch. We hope we have helped, through this medium, for many of you to find lost friends and we plan to keep it going as long as we can. SO, keep the changes coming; new names, new spouses, new addresses, phone and especially new emails. We don't want to lose anyone after we have worked so hard to find you.

Check back in the not to distant future and see what has changed and what you might be able to add.


Refresh this page to see the photos of all the members who have worked so hard and so long.

JimA Lynn patty s AnnB Lynn KathyS
Jim Alford
Reunion Chairman
Lynn Altman
Patty Sweeney Starcher
Entertainment Chairman
Ann Fishback Bennett
Lyn Brazell Thompson

Kathy Sully Lee

BillA EvelynP Kay Ginny Cindy
Bill Andrus Evelyn Powers Callaway Kay Allsbrook Freeman Ginny Lang Glor Cynthia Hilton Heaton Jean Williams Kent


SandyCM Joyce Leon Johnp BillyR

Paula Murrah Love

Sandy Clarke Marsh Joyce Herndon Neel Leon Padgett John Perkins Billy Rogers
Kathleen Sandy Sydney JudyT SandraW Vaugh
Kathleen Sanborn Sandy Caruthers Shearer Sydney Ward Thompson Judy Trulock Sandra Rainer Wylie Vaughn Williams